Saturday, October 31, 2009

Five Months! / Cinco Meses!

Happy Halloween, Everyone! Here are our five month pictures.. Hopefully we'll have a new blog up shortly with pictures from our first time eating rice cereal, so check back soon. Also, we'll be making the blog private in the next couple of days, which means that you'll have to be on our list in order to be able to view the blog. We just want to protect our little ones from any potential wackos out there who might be looking at our blog for the wrong reasons, (Allison, I'm looking in your direction!). We really don't want to lose anyone who follows the blog, so be sure and leave a comment with your email address so that we can add you to the list.

Feliz Halloween a Todos! Aqui estan las fotos de los cinco meses. Dentro de pronto esperamos tener otro nuevo blog con las fotos de la primera cena de comida solida, asi que chequen aca para eso. Tambien, en un par de dias vamos a poner el blog como privado que significa que tendras que estar en nuestra lista para poder ver el blog. Para aseguraranos de que no vayan a tener problemas para entrar al blg, por favor dejenos un comentario con su direccion de email asi la agregamos a la lista de personas autorizadas.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Estan hermosos!!!
    Se ve que estan haciendo un buen trabajo!!!
    Los felicito!!!

  3. No veo el momento de tenerlos en brazos!!!
    Estan para comerselos a besos!!!
    Gra la bi bobe

  4. I resent that comment . . . but totally understand it at the same time:P I love the new pics! They just look like two sweet little babies :)