Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Months Old!

Well, we made it to two months!! The babies had their two-month check-up with the pediatrician this morning, and they're both doing great. Lucca now weighs 11 lbs. and is 21 in. long and Mila weighs 10 lbs., 8 oz. and is 21 1/2 in. I'm so proud of my chunky babies and very proud of myself that I've been able to produce enough milk to keep up with twins and their ever-growing appetites! Unfortunately, with the check-up came the babies' first round of shots and three out of the four of us cried, (I'll let you guess who the three were!). They have both been REALLY fussy since we got back home, but this evening they seem to be feeling a bit better thanks to the Tylenol we gave them this afternoon. Thank goodness, because it's not easy to try and comfort two screaming babies at the same time!

Below are some pictures we took of the babies on the day we brought them home from the hospital. Yesterday for their two-month pictures I put them in the same outfits they wore that day to see how much they'd grown. It's amazing!! You can see the difference yourself if you keep scrolling down to see the two-month pictures. Enjoy! :)

Bueno, ya llegamos a dos meses!! Esta manana los bebes tuvieron su chequeo con la pediatra y los dos estan super bien. Lucca pesa 11 libras, (unos 5 1/2 kilos?), y mide 21 pulgadas, (no se cuanto es en centimetros), y Mila pesa 10 libras, 8 onzas, (?? kilos??), y mide 21 1/2 pulgadas. Estoy muy orgullosa de mis bebes gorditos y tambien estoy muy orgullosa de mi misma que he podido producir suficiente leche para los mellizos y sus apetitos que siguen creciendo! Desgraciadamente, los bebes tambien tuvieron que tener su primera ronda de vacunas y tres de los cuatro que estabamos en la oficina del doctor lloramos, (a que no saben quienes fueron los tres!). Los bebes han estado llorando bastante desde que llegamos a casa, pero parece que se estan sintiendo un poquito mejor ahora que les dimos Tylenol. Menos mal, porque no es nada facil tratar de complacer a dos bebes que estan gritando a toda fuerza a la vez!

Abajo hay unas fotos de los bebes que sacamos el dia que los trajimos a casa del hospital. Ayer les puse la misma ropa que estaban usando ese dia para tomar sus fotos de los dos meses para ver cuanto habian crecido. Es impresionante!! Puedes ver la diferencia por ti mismo si bajas todo para ver las fotos de los dos meses. Que las disfruten! :)

Coming Home/ La Llegada a Casa

Two Months/ Dos Meses

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Few More Days

I don't know why this picture came out up top, but I've tried for 30 minutes to move it and am giving up.. :P I hate the formatting on this blog site!!

The babies are just a few days away from being two months old and finally being able to go out in public with us, (our pediatrician told us to keep them at home until then). We are sooo ready!! It's been very hard having to stay inside with them all this time, although with this heat we probably wouldn't have gotten out all that much anyway! Claudio and I can't wait to finally get out of the house together and start doing things as a family. We're actually going to attempt a trip to Wichita Falls after the babies get their shots next week. It'll be our first chance to introduce the babies to my sister Allison and her husband Seth. It'll also be the first time we meet our brand new niece Olivia and the first time I've seen Allison since Christmas! I'll be sure to post some pictures of our visit, (provided that we actually make it!!), but until then, here are a few shots from our adventures around the house.

Solo faltan unos dias para que los bebes cumplan 2 meses y por fin podran salir con nosotros! (Nuestra pediatria nos dijo que habia que dejar a los bebes en casa hasta que cumplian 2 meses). No vemos el momento en que finalmente podremos salir con los bebes y hacer cosas juntos fuera de la casa. Ha sido muy duro tener que tener a alguien en casa con ellos todo el tiempo, aunque con el calor que hace probalemente no hubieramos salido mucho de todas formas! Vamos a intentar a viajar hasta Wichita Falls, (un viaje de unas 5 horas), la semana que viene despues de que los bebes reciban sus vacunas de 2 meses. Va a ser la primera oportunidad de presentar a los bebes a mi hermana Allison y sera la primera vez que conocemos a nuestra nueva sobrina Olivia. Tambien sera la primera vez que veo a mi hermana desde la Navidad! Yo subire las fotos de nuestra visita, (si es que llegamos!!), pero por ahora pongo algunas fotos de nuestras aventuras en casa.

Claudio and a sleepy Lucca

Lucca and his friend "Conejo"

He really loves Conejo.. and of course "Pedro Emanuel" the bear :)

Mila's preferred bouncy chair sleeping position :)

We finally got a new family picture when some friends came over to visit!

Monday, July 13, 2009

We Have A Roller!!

It's official.. we have a roller!! The babies were just testing out their new playmat, ($15 at Tuesday Morning.. YES!!). I was situating Lucca, looked over at Mila, and over she went onto her back! I couldn't believe it! The twins are not quite 7 weeks old, so I definitely wasn't expecting that.. Mila really does not like being on her tummy, and I guess she was just determined to get on her back no matter what! Before that I had been trying to take a nap, but the babies had other ideas and so I put them down for some tummy time. After seeing Mila do her new little trick 6 or 7 times all my exhaustion just melted away.. I'm so proud!

Bueno, es oficial.. ya podemos darnos vueltita! Los bebes estaban estrenando su nuevo "playmat," (es como una cobija con juguetitos). Yo estaba acomodando a Lucca, y de repente mire y Mila se habia dado vuelta! No lo pude creer! Los mellizos apenas tienen 7 semanas, asi que definitivamente no estaba esperando que se dieran vuelta ya.. A Mila no le gusta nada estar apoyada en la panza, asi que parece que queria ponerse de espalda a toda costa! Antes de que esto pasara yo estaba tratando de dormir una siesta, pero los bebes tenian otros planes asi que los puse a hacer "tummy time," (todos los dias hay que hacer "tummy time" que es un rato en el que estan en la panza para desarollar los musculos que despues usaran para gatear). Despues de ver a Mila haciendo su nuevo truquito 6 o 7 veces todo el sueno se me fue por completo.. Estoy tan orgullosa!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Snacktime/ La Meriendita

I took this video of the babies last week while they were in their crib. Mila was hungry and wanted to snack on Lucca's fingers, who wasn't too thrilled about the idea... and chaos ensued. :)

Filme este video de los bebes la semana pasada mientras los dos estaban en su cuna. Mila tenia hambre y queria comerse los dedos de Lucca y a el no le gusto mucho la idea!