Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The End/Beginning... and new pictures

Today was my last appointment with Dr. Yium, my obstetrician and I couldn't help but feel choked up. She was/is such a great doctor and she was with me throughout my pregnancy, so it was hard to say goodbye! Since I was considered a high-risk pregnancy I was in there at least once every two weeks for the last few months, so I knew just about everyone in her office. It just feels so strange knowing that my pregnancy is now officially over... I'm a normal person again! :) It feels great to know that I can get back to my normal life, (ha ha ha!), but it is still sad in a way... I guess I finally understand all of those women who told me that I would miss being pregnant-- I definitely do at times. On the bright side, I can start exercising again... I can't wait!!! I especially am ready to start my postpartum yoga class-- you get to bring your baby with you!

In other news, I took my first real walk with the babies this evening, which was fun. It has cooled off a little here, so I packed everyone into the double decker stroller and headed out. Let me tell you, pushing that thing around is a workout in itself!

Here are a few pictures I have from the last week or so...

Tummy Time Fun

Mila enjoying her Tummy Time

Lucca isn't so sure about it...

The sibling rivalry begins.. she hits him all the time, poor thing! :(

Stitch meets Lucca

Nap Time with Mommy

Sweet Mila

Lucca the Cuddle Bug


  1. I LOVE all the pictures. My favorite is Mila smacking Lucca. The expression on her face is so adorable!

  2. So sweet! I love the one of all three of you. There is nothing better than napping with your baby (or babies!).

  3. Mila is always going to be bossing her brother around, she is a girl, what do you expect! Gorgeous kiddos!